Desolate Beauty by L.E. Usher

Frogmore has published an outstanding experimental pamphlet of poetry by novelist Lindy Usher. It was produced by New Art Projects, London, in association with us and Art First Gallery,  designed by Christian Kusters at CHK Design, and features specially commissioned art work by John Lee Bird

The book deals with the devastating effects of loss of speech through stroke. Usher suffered a series of strokes at a relatively young age and has here created a sequence of poems about Caspar David Friedrich, Hans von Bülow, Lovis Corinth, Kurt Schwitters and Otto Dix, all of whom suffered strokes. Sue Hubbard notes that Usher ‘takes the fractured shards of language and rebuilds them bit by painful bit to create something that both reflects, yet reaches beyond, this life-changing experience’.

The pamphlet was launched on 26 January 2019 at New Art Projects in London. Here are some pictures of the happy occasion, which showed the complete set of John Lee Bird’s artwork and also reunited almost the complete fleet of staff of Shipley Art Booksellers (70, Charing Cross Road, London) from c.1998, 20 years later.


Desolate Beauty has been reviewed by Peter Stewart in the latest issue of The Frogmore Papers (no.93).

Copies of Desolate Beauty can be ordered from New Art Projects at £10.00 plus postage. Postage to the UK is £2.00, postage to the USA/Canada is £5.

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or by Paypal to