Landmark 99th issue of The Frogmore Papers published

The spring edition of the Papers is now available. Once again they contain work by writers from across the world as well as from most corners of the UK. There is poetry from England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, the USA and Wales, and prose from Germany, South Africa and Wales.

Julian Gower, a multidisciplinary Graphic Artist, who works in a variety of media and styles, has created a striking cover inspired by the poetry of Julian Cason and Judith Wozniak, while Lydia McDonnell’s artwork is inspired by a poem from Tim Relf.

As ever, the Papers are available post-free (for £5.00) from The Frogmore Press, 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PJ. Or why not subscribe and secure your copy of the celebratory 100th number, which will be published in September? A two-year subscription is still only £15.00. Payment can be made by cheque to ‘The Frogmore Press’ or email for details of how to pay by BACS or PayPal.

The Frogmore Papers nudge towards their 100th number

The 98th edition of The Frogmore Papers has now been published and is available post free from The Frogmore Press (£5.00).

This issue, with a stunning cover by Ukrainian artist Marysya Rudska, includes new poetry from John Freeman, Stuart Henson and Wendy Klein, prose from Ian Inglis and Henry Woolf and artwork from Lydia McDonnell, as well as all the poems shortlisted for the 2021 Frogmore Prize by adjudicator Clare Best, which was won by Sussex-based Californian Margaret Wilmot. Runners-up were Stephen Keeler (Ullapool) and Mike Barlow (Lancaster).

The other shortlisted poets were Katie Colombus, Cróna Gallagher, Marion Hobday, Vanessa Lampert, Nick Pearson and Anne Stewart.

Subscriptions to the Papers are still £10.00 for one year (2 issues) and £15.00 for two years (4 issues). Email for details of how to pay by BACS or PayPal, or send a cheque in the old fashioned way payable to ‘The Frogmore Press’ at 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes BN7 1PJ.