Submission guidelines for The Frogmore Papers

Editor: Jeremy Page

Submission guidelines

  1. The Frogmore Papers operates a system of submission windows. Submissions for the March issue are considered from 1 – 31 October and submissions for the September issue from April 1 – 30. Materials submitted outside these windows will be returned with regret.
  2. From within the United Kingdom only works submitted in hard copy by post will be considered.  Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of manuscript or provide an email address for our response.
  3. Submission from overseas may be made by email in a single Word attachment, to:
  4. 4 – 6 poems is usually enough; or a couple of pieces of prose (short stories, novel extracts).
  5. Very long poems and very short poems have more to do than poems of an average length (say, 20 -80 lines).  It helps if you’ve seen the magazine and know the sort of work we tend to favour.
  6. We’re unlikely to have room for very long short stories. 2,000 words is generally plenty.
  7. Poems where the form drives the meaning are unlikely to find favour.
  8. Poems written by people who clearly haven’t read any poetry since Wordsworth will not find favour.
  9. Prose may be experimental or traditional, but is unlikely to be accepted if it’s either very experimental or very traditional.
  10. We only appear twice a year and, having been around a while, receive a very large number of submissions. You may need to try us more than once.
  11. Please be patient when awaiting a reply.


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