Titles in Print

Desolate Beauty by L.E. Usher

ISBN 978 0 9570688 9 6            Price: £10.00           Published Dec 2018 

This pamphlet has been produced by New Art Projects, London, in association with The Frogmore Press and Art First Gallery. It was designed by Christian Kusters at CHK Design and features specially commissioned art work by John Lee Bird.

Language is central to who we are. To lose the power of speech is terrible for anyone but for a writer it is equivalent to losing one’s soul.
At a comparatively young age, the novelist Lindy Usher was incapacitated by a series of strokes. In this sequence of poems about Caspar David Friedrich, Hans von Bülow, Lovis Corinth, Kurt Schwitters and Otto Dix, all of whom suffered strokes, she takes the fractured shards of language and rebuilds them bit by painful bit to create something that both reflects, yet reaches beyond, this life-changing experience. – Sue Hubbard

Watermarks edited by Tanya Shadrick and Rachel Playforth 

ISBN 978 0 9570688 7 2                Price: £7.99                Published 2017 

A collection of new poetry, stories and non-fiction by lido lovers and wild swimmers: writers who find inspiration in or near outdoor pools, lakes, rivers and other wild waters.

(This title may be ordered online at Amazon, Telegraph Books or Foyles)



Stepping Back: Resubmission for the Ordinary Level Examination in Psychogeography by Jeremy Page

ISBN 978 0 9570688 6 5                Price: £5.00               Published 2016 

The author left his home town on the Kent coast when he was eighteen, but has since returned regularly for short visits and longer periods. These poems, written and published over more than a quarter of a century, collectively constitute his ‘Resubmission for the Ordinary Level Examination in Psychogeography’.


Cell by Clare Best (art by Michaela Ridgway, design by Katy Mawhood)

ISBN 978 0 9570688 4 1                Price: £10.00                Published 2015 

Of this extraordinary artefact Moniza Alvi remarked: ‘Clare Best’s very fine poem – delicate and intense, earthy and visionary – is now enhanced by this unique, striking presentation.’


The Needlewriters edited by Alice Owens and Janet Sutherland

ISBN 978 0 9570688 2 7                Price: £10.00               Published 2015 

This anthology showcases poetry and prose by writers who have read at the legendary Needlewriters readings in Lewes, East Sussex, including John Agard, Sasha Dugdale, Lee Harwood, Grace Nichols, Lorna Thorpe and Jackie Wills.




The New Cockaigne by Catherine Smith

ISBN 978 0 9570688 3 4                Price: £5.00                Published 2014 

Of Catherine Smith’s memorable long poem, Ros Barber wrote:  ‘Delicious, delightful and more than a little bit frightening, Catherine Smith’s The New Cockaigne creates a verbal feast of sexual, gastronomic and alcoholic excesses. A fascinating satire on how totalitarian thought processes imprison us all.’



Languages of Colour edited by Alexandra Loske

ISBN 978 0 9570688 0 3                Price: £10.00                Published 2012 

A sumptuously produced anthology of poetry, prose and critical writing on colour alongside artwork by Graham Dean, David J Markham, Liz Rideal and others.




The Alternative Version by Jeremy Page

ISBN 0 9531383 9 9         Price: £4.95                Published 2001 

Ian Caws  wrote of Jeremy Page’s first full collection: ‘A collection to be kept on the shelf and returned to when all the lights seem too bright.’




All titles are available post free from: The Frogmore Press, 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PJ.

The following titles are now out of print:

True Tales from the Old Hill (2015) edited by Rachel Cole and Jeremy Page

Poems from the Old Hill (2012) edited by Jeremy Page

Poetry South East 2010 (2010) edited by Jeremy Page and Catherine Smith

Three Voices (2003) by Peter Easter, Ayala Kingsley and Rachel Playforth

When They Come for You (2003) by Michael Swan

Poetry South East 2000 (2000) edited by Jeremy Page

A Plutonian Monologue (2000) by Brian Aldiss

A Dozen Villanelles (1999) by Matthew Mead

Other Lilies (1997) by Marita Over

The Silent Key (1997) edited by Kate Pemberton

Decade (1996) edited by Jeremy Page and Kate Pemberton

Objects on Hills (1996) by Giles Goodland 

Genius Loci (1995) by W H Petty and Robert Roberts

Second Helping of Your Heart (1994) by Sophie Hannah

Secret Dormitories (1993) by Jeremy Page

Estocada (1993) by Michael Paul Hogan

Correcting Fluid (1993) by David Lightfoot

The Frogmore Papers Anthology (1993) edited by Jeremy Page

Mongoose On His Shoulder (1992) by Geoffrey Holloway

New Pastorals (1992) by Robert Etty

The Frogmore Poetry Prize Anthology 1987 – 1991 (1991) edited by Jeremy Page

Bush Klaxon Has A Body Like A Trio Sonata (1991) by Bob Mitchell

The Road Remains (1990) by Peter Marshall

Frogmore Poetry (1989) edited by Jeremy Page and Antony Powell

Bliss by (1989) Jeremy Page