About the Frogmore Press

The Frogmore Press was founded by Andre Evans and Jeremy Page at the Frogmore tea-rooms in Folkestone in 1983. The Press has published hundreds of writers in its now bi-annual magazine The Frogmore Papers and also in individual collections and anthologies.

Early work by numerous writers who have gone on to consolidate their reputations elsewhere appeared in the magazine.

Poems by Sophie Hannah, Tobias Hill, Elizabeth Garrett, Katherine Pierpoint, Linda France, Tamar Yoseloff and many more were published in The Frogmore Papers before re-appearing in their authors’ first collections.

Work by established writers such as Brian Aldiss, James Brockway, John Mole, Carole Satyamurti and Pauline Stainer has also appeared, alongside work by unknown or emerging writers.

The Frogmore Press exists for readers and writers. It receives no grant aid and welcomes subscriptions to The Frogmore Papers and purchases from the back catalogue.